From Managing to Leading

Managers are great, leaders take management to a higher, more effective level. Our "From Managing to Leading" course combines experiential learning, in-class discussion, and team-assigned homework to help managers become effective leaders. Participants are introduced to the EPIC team model that creates teams that are enthusiastically prepared to act with integrity and courage; discusses trust and relationships; clearly defines roles; assists participants in making better decisions; introduces the 3/6/1/5 method of short- and long-term goal-setting; and demonstrates the power of words and their importance. The course ends with a powerful graduation ceremony where each participant leaves behind their individual barrier to leadership. Optional modules include a workshop wherein teams are guided through a department-specific Start/Stop/Change/Continue process, and an introduction to neuro-linguistic programming and learning modalities. This course can be conducted as two half-days or in 75-minute modules.


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