Moon Shot

Now that you now you can, how big do you dare to can? Moonshot is a follow up to Curing Cantcer and pushes attendees to think and dream big, to shoot for the moon, discover possibilities, and put goal-setting techniques into action. Where Curing Cantcer is about "learning I can," Moonshot is about "how I can."

Using the foundational skills learned in Curing Cantcer, attendees in Moonshot will be challenged to dare to dream big. Having left "can't" behind, and with the knowledge and belief that they can achieve greatness, Moonshot challenges participants to use teamwork to dream bigger than they thought possible, to shoot for the moon, and to learn how to use time and goal-setting to make big dreams achievable.

This highly interactive training can be conducted as a one-day or two-day workshop. Team members will learn to set goals using our "3/6/1/5" format, where they learn to dream big and set milestone goals to keep on track. Key learnings include thinking bigger, focusing on teamwork, and setting and focusing on goals. The course ends with a powerful graduation ceremony where each participant dissolves their individual barrier to greatness.

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